Jun 27

Cruise Alaska – The Unconventional Way

Alaska is a great place to go, especially if it’s between May and September. During this time, there is wilderness beyond what the eyes can see that are as clear as day. You just never know what you’re going to get during this time of year.  While many people take a vacation here during that time on a cruise line, many people forget about the private cruises in the area.  Yes, there are thousands who take advantage of that. Private cruises allow tourists to go beyond the norm of the typical cruise in that they can see things in a more intimate light. Nothing beats going with a smaller group of people and possibly seeing things like grizzly bears and elk in their natural habitat off the coast.  Or getting up close to a glacier.  There are several things for tourists to do.

Deep Sea Fishing

For the more adventurous types there are also private cruises that send people deep into the Pacific to take their hand at swordfish fishing. This is what draws a lot of people to Alaska, believe it or not. The fishing here is amazing and abundant.  You catch it, you can eat it.  Or whatever you want to do with it. There are no restrictions on fishing here.

Glacier Climbing

Many cruise lines won’t allow their guests to do this, but it’s really no different than rock climbing. Certainly adventure lovers will get a thrill out of this one.  It is an exhilarating and fun. Experienced climbers should give this a shot. Many private cruises won’t allow novices to try for liability reasons. If that’s the case, you should get some practice time in before heading to the area.


The Northern Lights draws a lot of people in and of itself but there other wonderful sites here, too.  See native Alaskans tantalize you with their native rituals and see their dwellings up close. Learn to live like them and appreciate life in a different way.  It’s fun for the history and culture lovers of your group.

There are many specialized tour groups that absolutely love giving tourists a ride to see the amazing sites in Alaska.  Not only that, tourists see and take part in things that they can’t do or see while on a big cruise line. Now, there are advantages to both, but to truly see Alaska for what it really is, tourists should cruise Alaska on a private tour.