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Alaskan Royal Caribbean Cruise Staterooms

Alaskan Mountains

Royal Caribbean Alaskan Cruise Staterooms

One way to travel the world in luxury is on a cruise ship. You are on the sea, able to swim in a pool, and you have all the food you need. Not only that, but you also are able to have entertainment not far away from you at all times. Cruising is a way to relax and be able to see such beautiful sights without having to drive around and do all the work yourself. What better way to relax than taking an Alaskan cruise.

One of the ways to cruise Alaska is on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. They have cruise ships leaving from the following cities:

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Seward, Alaska
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Once you have picked a port to leave from, and a date you would love to go, it is smooth sailing from there.  Royal Caribbean sets up the billing process very easily. You can pay for your cruise ticket, gratuities, and plane tickets in one easy payment.   When you board the boat you have nothing else to worry about when it comes to paying fees.


Not many people spend too much time in their room when they are cruising. Even if you don’t use your room much it is good to know your options. There are four categories of rooms that you are able to choose from. All rooms are equipped with a television, bathroom and shower, phone, vanity, and a hair dryer.

Interior Rooms

These rooms do not offer a view. They are located in the center of the boat. The interior rooms are the cheapest rooms you can buy. These rooms are great for people who know that they will spend the majority of their time outside of the room. The interior rooms are smaller than the others, but some ships have different sizes available. You can even get a interior room that has a window overlooking the Promenade.

Outside Rooms

If you want an ocean front view from your room but don’t want to pay too much, the outside rooms are great. You either have one big window or two smaller portholes. These rooms are a little bit more expensive than the interior rooms, but the view of the ocean is breathtaking.

Balcony Rooms

Do you love to sit and relax on deck with a drink in your hand and a beautiful view in front of you? Well, a room with the balcony is the best option for you. It allows you to be able to watch the ocean without the distractions of the other guests on the ship. The balcony rooms have two chairs and a table out on the balcony, so you can enjoy a meal overlooking the ocean.

Suites/Deluxe Rooms

These Suites are comparable to deluxe hotel rooms. The suite and deluxe rooms on the Royal Caribbean cruise line care available in a variety of styles. There are suites available with an extra sitting area, or suites that offer multiple rooms for the whole family. The higher end suites have mini bars and even offer personalized services. You are also able to upgrade your amenities for your cruise vacation. These rooms are the most expensive, but if you want the extra space, splurging on the suite will be well worth it.