Sep 04

Alaskan Cruise: Exploring Land – Part 2

When you are in Skagway, Alaska one of the popular tours is the train ride around Skagway, Alaska. This is a great way to view the beauty and nature of Skagway.  When you board the train you will be riding through two tunnels to the White Pass Summit. This is a narrated tour, so you will have someone telling you about the mountains, historic sites, and many of the views you will see. You are also riding a train that is going across tracks that are over 110 years old. You will learn about the building of the railway and about the tale of the Klondike Gold rush. You can also take other tours around Skagway including:

  • Helicopter Rides
  • Horseback Riding
  • Jeep Rentals
  • Bike Tours
  • Glass Blowing
  • Eagle Preserve Rafting
  • Zip Lining, and more

Getting off the cruise ship entering into the Victoria, British Columbia you will experience beauty. They take pride in keeping everything clean and full of fresh flowers and beautiful scenery. Some of the highlights are checking out Victoria’s Chinatown, and the Butchart Gardens. The history of how the Butchart Gardens came to be is quite remarkable. The most beautiful attraction will be the Sunken Garden.   It is amazing to see how Mrs. Butchart turned her vision into such a beautiful reality. You will get a chance to view the:

  • Rose Garden
  • Sunken Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • and the Italian Garden

The whole garden area is full of lovely flowers and beautiful art and architecture.

When you are in Victoria you should make sure to take plenty of pictures of The Empress Hotel. It is so beautiful on the outside, and you should go ahead and get a look on the inside too. They have pictures with descriptions of historic events that have happened in or around the hotel. There is also a restaurant that is located in the hotel that is open to the public. If you would like to have tea and pastries, you can do that at The Empress hotel. High tea time is one of Victoria’s finest English traditions. Victoria is one of those places that you could just walk around and enjoy all of its beauty. The great thing about walking around is that all of the shopping, and Chinatown, are all walking distance from the shuttles that take you to and from the ship. This is truly a place that you could enjoy without booking an excursion to keep you busy.

So being on the cruise ship is amazing, but experiencing the wonders of Alaska and Canada on land is even better. All of the beauty that is on land is great to explore. It’s even better if you can book an excursion and have someone tell you all of the history behind what you are enjoying. The great thing about booking an excursion is that the tour guides that are shuttling you around are locals. These are not people that work on the cruise boat. So you are able to enjoy and know that your facts are coming from people who live in and really know about the area. Take advantage of your cruise and enjoy all of the fun activities on land.